Is Masala Chaas India’s favorite summer drink?

Masala Chaas is a popular summer drink in India. It brings relief and keeps you refreshed and cool in the scorching heat of the summer season. It is a healthy beverage made of yogurt, water, spices, salt and other flavoring as per your preference. 

While there are many drink options like chai, nimboo pani, lassi, juice, and more available in India, Masala Chaas is not the top choice for a summer drink. But it is the most popular and pleasant drink available during the summer. 

Why is Masala Chaas a fantastic summer option?

It is a yogurt based drink that is good for you because it is high in vitamins and low in fat. It is categorized as a sattvic food in Ayurveda. The English translation for it would be Spiced Buttermilk. It is an excellent option as it is refreshing and is also good for your gut health, because of the ingredients used. It provides important nutrients and strengthens the immune system. It helps with weight loss for those on a weight loss journey. It is a rejuvenating and hydrating drink that keeps you refreshed for a longer period of time.

A refreshing drink

To answer the question, Masala Chaas is considered a good option in the summer season for the hydrating and refreshing properties. It contains a high amount of water, which helps cool your body and prevent dehydration. The cooling effect is achieved through the use of ingredients such as yogurt and spices like cumin, black salt, coriander, and mint leaves. They have natural cooling properties to keep your body temperature lower in summers. And when it is consumed during summer, it quenches your thirst and helps you stay cool. You can also opt for buttermilk masala powder that is readily available in the stores today. However, before buying, make sure you check the ingredients listed on the buttermilk masala pack. 

Digestive properties

  • Also to be cooling and refreshing, Masala Chaas has excellent digestive qualities. It is because it is made with yogurt, which has strong antibiotic properties that are better for gut health.

  • The spices used aids & soothes your stomach which prevents any bloating that is common during summer season. This low calorie drink has a high nutritional value as well as being rich in calcium, protein, vitamins like B12, D and riboflavin.

  • You can choose Masala Chaas as a healthier alternative to sugary carbonated drinks during the summer. While those drinks may give a temporary feeling of hydration, Masala Chaas quenches your thirst and keeps you refreshed. 

Can it replace energy drinks?

  • This cannot completely replace energy drinks, but it certainly provides you with health benefits. During the summer season, our bodies sweat more due to the heat, leading to the loss of electrolytes. That's why energy drinks contain electrolytes and caffeine, to replenish what our bodies lose and provide a boost of energy.

  • The salt and spices in Masala Chaas help replenish electrolytes in our bodies and maintain a healthy balance. Masala Chaas provides a natural and healthier alternative to energy drinks, which have added electrolytes, high sugar content, and low nutritional value. Choosing Masala Chaas can benefit your body and overall health. But the choice between the two depends on your personal preference. 

  •  Energy drinks are formulated to give you an instant boost of energy due to high caffeine and sugar content, but chaas is formulated to promote your hydration and digestion and also to keep you refreshed. 

Why is Masala Chaas chosen to hydrate the body? 

If you've read this far, you may already know that one of the main ingredients in this refreshing drink is water, which is known for its hydrating and cooling properties. It is something we know and were taught since our school days that water is the most ideal choice to go with when you want to quench your thirst. This drink keeps you hydrated and provides nutritional value to your daily diet. It helps maintain electrolytes in your body, improves gut health and digestion. Depending on your beverage preference, it can serve as a suitable alternative to energy drinks. It not only hydrates you but also adds a flavourful touch to the drink.

A deep dive into the Ingredients 

  • Yogurt/curd: The base of this drink is yogurt/curd giving a creamy texture and a strong tangy flavor to the drink. It is rich in probiotics, calcium and vitamins, making it ideal and beneficial for an improved gut health as well as digestion. 

  • Water: Water is added to dilute the yogurt/curd and give the drink a hydrating property.

  • Spices (roasted cumin powder, black salt, ginger, chaat masala, chillies): The name of this drink is derived from the spices or masala that is added while preparing the drink. The spices are roasted cumin powder (for a distant earthy flavor also for improving digestion), black salt (for a slight sulfurous taste and aids in digestion), chaat masala (to add a tangy twist) and chillies (for a slight spicy touch).

  • Mint Leaves: Provides a cooling and refreshing sensation to the drink. Mint leaves have been traditionally used to ease digestive discomfort, including indigestion, bloating. 

  • Coriander Leaves (Dhaniya): Adding this pleasant and natural herb to the drink enhances its overall health benefits. The herb is rich in vitamins and minerals, which further contribute to the drink's nutritional value.

Is chaas healthy if we consume it for a long time?

Masala chaas is indeed a healthy choice because of its cooling and hydrating properties. Before choosing this drink, it's important to consider your dietary health. Some individuals may have lactose intolerance or dairy allergies, so it's essential to be aware of any dietary issues before consuming it. So in this case, it might not be ideal for them. But apart from that, it indeed is healthy when consumed in moderation and with a balanced diet plan. 


To conclude, Masala Chaas is a popular and refreshing summer drink in India. This drink has a cooling and hydrating effect, supports digestion, and provides essential nutrients. While it doesn't substitute energy drinks, it is a healthy choice that can be added to your daily diet to offer important health benefits. 

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